Henry (Harry) Krahn

I am a philosopher working on issues at the boundary of moral and political philosophy. As of Fall 2024, I will be a Hauser Post-Doctoral Global Fellow at the NYU School of Law, affiliated with the Center for Law and Philosophy. I defended my PhD at the University of Toronto in the Department of Philosophy in May 2024.

In my doctoral work, I developed a novel theory of political protest. We often speak of protest as an attempt to hold those in power to account, and I argued that taking this idea seriously offers substantial conceptual resources for our thinking about the nature and justification of protest.

My postdoctoral project examines the link between protest and moral change. Social movements have been at the forefront of many seismic moral developments. Typically these changes are understood as bringing us more in line with fundamental moral principles, and thus contributing to moral progress. My project considers whether protest and social movements might also work to alter fundamental moral principles. This form of moral change, which I call deep moral change, may have far-reaching consequences for both society and the justification of protest.